Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Words, Butter, and Bullcrap

...And apparently, never too much bullcrap...

Bad Words, Butter, and Bullcrap

My opinion is, Matt Lauer is a pinhead and a prick.  (The latter not associated with the former.  Read the article here).

And anyone else who continues this crucifixion of sorts, of Paula Dean is a pinhead as well.  That's being gracious. 

Honestly, I've never watched Paula Dean's show and have no interest in watching it.  She's simply another made-for-TV celebrity who's 15 minutes have been extended to an hour.  From what little I've read about this non-issue, a former employee has seen an opportunity to bilk Dean's company out of a chunk of change, and so Dean's use of a racial slur in the past is in the open 'under oath.'  

Prosecuted for using derogatory language. 

Why, hell, that would put about 99.9% of the population behind bars!

As for this hoopla about her using the 'N' word, it's yet another example of media pandering to the utter stupidity of the American public, and serves as the latest diversion that keeps people from asking questions about real issues in the spotlight today.   You know, questions about the IRS, NSA, personal privacy and constitutional freedoms…you know, all THAT boring stuff. 

For all you namby-pambys who feel sanctified over this finger-pointing nonsense , I offer a challenge:  Make some noise about hip-hoppers and rappers  (I'd call them artists, but I'd be joking) glorifying and singing praises with the 'N' word in every sentence.  Make some noise about African-American stand-up comics saying, throughout their routines,  "….N****r  this, n****r  that…"   while the audience laughs.  Oh, the insensitivity of it all!

Otherwise, shut the you know what up! 

As for Pinhead Lauer, he might be a real big shot if he had the president face to face, and asked some questions about the above-mentioned issues surrounding the IRS, NSA personal privacy and constitutional know, all THAT boring stuff. 

If that happened, I'd bet the word 'ratings' would no longer be a bad word for NBC! 

Rick B. Baker 
June 26, 2013

© 2013 Rick Burnett Baker