Friday, November 30, 2012

Beheading Afghan Girls

Taliban woman executed.  Can we talk?

U.S. Policy of "Gender Sensitivity" 
Is Killing Afghan Women and Girls

I've written this before and I'll say it again:  There can be no negotiating with, nor should there be any attempts to negotiate with the Taliban.  


The Taliban should be systematically, and decisively destroyed.  Every last man who was, is, or claims to be Taliban should be killed. That should have been the primary objective of our invasion of Afghanistan a decade ago, and that should have already been accomplished.  

Anyone who disagrees with this position is wrong and sadly out of  touch with the realities of human endeavor, and with the realities of the brutality of these less-than-human pieces of garbage.   

Had the United States gone into Afghanistan with this as the first priority,  assistance with "nation building" could have possibly been yielding relative peace and benefit to Afghan citizens today.  

But no.  We still hear these horror stories like the one reported today on "The Lookout".  A 14 year old girl was beheaded for refusing to marry a "man."  

The story refers to the Afghan Women and Girls' Security Promotion Act, introduced by Sen. Bob Casey, (D. Pennsylvania) and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R. Texas).  Reading the main points of this bill strikes me as simply another example of the pussification of our national resolve to take a decisive stance regarding the security of our nation, and the security of the nations we purport to be trying to help.  

What these senators should be introducing is backbone and balls in fighting and destroying the root cause of these social ills in Afghanistan:  The Taliban, and extremist, radical Islam.  Then, there might be no need to call for "improved gender sensitivity" with regard to the treatment of girls and women in this inbred part of the world. 

"Improved gender sensitivity."  In Afghanistan.  By their security forces.  By the Taliban.  Jesus H. Keyrist!  

This politically correct crap might fly in the United States, but in Afghanistan, it's killing women and girls.

Are we so patently stupid to honestly believe that this approach in that part of the world with those kinds of murderers will be effective?  

Don't even THINK about telling me yes. 

We should applaud the good Senators for taking SOME step to at least bring attention to this terrible problem in Afghanistan.  But what we need is the action that I suggested above to show that we're serious about making a change in Afghanistan and throughout the world where these atrocities occur.  

I'm sick of reading quotes in these stories that refer to "the overthrow of the Taliban", and "peace talks with the Taliban."  If we have overthrown them, AND DESTROYED THEM, then there is no need for "peace" talks.  

Until then, there will be no peace, and no advancement for women and girls in particular, and Afghan society in general. 


Rick Baker 
Rochester, NY 
November 29, 2012 

©2012 R. Burnett Baker 

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