Friday, August 24, 2012

Liberals Lying Liberally

Photo being posted on Facebook

Liberals Lying Liberally 


No, I do not support Obama.  But I'm not exactly excited about anyone the Republicans have shown us. 

Given that we don't actually elect a president, (he or she is appointed by the members of the Trilateral Commission, Council On Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg Group, via the Electoral College) I may vote independent. Who?  Who knows.  

BUT back to the reason for this post. 

Here's yet another emotive lie circulating on Facebook.  It's simply a photo/poster presumably offered by some group that wants to eliminate Republicans from the political process. 

I haven't bother to read their page nor will I post their name here since this photo most likely represents the quality of reasoning and fact-finding the group apparently DOESN'T do.  

So here's the skinny on the horsey that's getting so many self proclaimed "liberals'" knickers in a knot:

Said horse is co-owned by Mrs. Romney,  Amy Ebeling, and Beth Meyers.  The mare, named Rafalcas, competed in the Olympics in London last month.  

The Romneys actually declared a more than $77,000 LOSS on the upkeep/expenses for the animal.  They received, according to their 2010 tax return, a credit for only $50.  IT WAS NOT A TAX CREDIT OF $77,000.  

We all need to do due diligence with these websites and FB pages.  It's one thing to not agree with a candidate, but quite another to follow websites and Facebook pages that post emotive nonsense and outright lies. 

The New York Times report by Matt Yglesias and other so-called "journalists" (titter titter) was incorrect.  Mr. Yglesias published a retraction here. And you can read further explanations of the potential future tax code allowances here.

We must stick to real issues, though it appears that "liberals" in particular, and Republicans in general seem to have difficulty with that concept.   

No one seems to be complaining about Michele Obama's expensive dresses she's supposedly been seen wearing around the world.  

Oh, and how about those reported $540 sneakers in 2009 that she wore  to the Capital Area Food Bank while bagging food for hungry kids?  DO ANY LIBERALS HAVE THEIR PANTIES IN A KNOT ABOUT THAT??  WELL????  

Naw, didn't think so! 

Issues, folks.  Issues.  

And try to keep it real. 

Rick Baker 
Rochester, NY 
August 24, 2012 

©2012 R. Burnett Baker 
Photo credit:  Unknown.  Found on a Facebook post.