Sunday, July 24, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage: Children To Be Extinct

Same-Sex Marriage=Extinction

And you thought global warming was going to do the planet in. How could we all have been so misled?

Personally, I don't care whether same-sex marriage is legal or not. But I say just legalize it and be done with it. Give gay men and women the same legal, economic, and social rights that others have when it comes to being in committed relationships. No big woof.

But now that New York State has legalized this cause, ( it's a cause, not an issue) the folks who have nothing else to do with their time, energy, or "intellect" are out protesting. On July 24, 2011 it was reported by YNN news in Rochester, NY that an organization called "Let The People Vote" were rallying all across New York protesting same-sex marriage.

I'm not going to get into any deep discussion about all this, but the story quoted one protester, Brad Barkowski, from Greece, NY ( a suburb of Rochester) as saying:

"I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and I believe we need to uphold that in the state. Children will be extinct if we allow same-sex marriage."

So forget about everything you've ever read about extinctions on the planet. I guess divorce rates, children born out of wedlock, and kids raised in dysfunctional or abusive families are never considered by Mr. Barkowski as having any negative impact on children or family values.

And furthermore, I'm sick of every cause, issue, protest, initiative, law, or whatever being about the children! Throw children into any cause or issue and people go soft and foam at the mouth. Put the damned children to work doing their homework, taking out the garbage, cleaning their rooms, or volunteering for senior citizens or the community and we won't have to worry about them going extinct.

Children will be extinct, indeed. And these people actually vote?? How about these busybody closet cases stop railing against non-issues and start voting for representatives who will prevent all of us from, say, corrupt politicians who are spending us all into a bankruptcy hell?

Oh, I get it. Just look at the "Let The People Vote" banner. The bottom line on the banner says "Text NYVOTE to 96362 to Support Marriage." Voting by text message??? Have we all been THAT dumbed-down?

I suppose texting a multi-trillion dollar debt figure on your key pad isn't feasible with today's cell phone technology.

The smart phones just aren't that smart.

And apparently, neither are the protesters in Greece, New York.

Rick B. Baker
July 24, 2011
Rochester, NY

©2011 R. Burnett Baker
Extinction photo from Google Images
Vote Photo from YNN news.