Monday, June 6, 2011

GOP: Goofy, Oppressive Politicians

Santorum Or The Sanitarium?

Right. Let me cut to the chase about Rick Santorum running for president: Would he be running for the presidency or the presidency of a sanitarium?

If what I read today online has a shred of truth to it ( and it's questionable whether ANYTHING we read these days contains any truth) then this man may be crazier than an out-house rat.

The omnipresent Associated Press on June 6, 2011 ran a story about Santorum entering the Republican presidential race. The by-line of the online piece described him as a "reliable conservative."

In that story about his political history, policy stances, and family life there was the recounting about he and his wife having a child who died shortly after birth in 1996. According the the AP story, he and his wife "…slept with the bundled dead baby's body in their hospital room that night…" and then, and THEN took the baby's body home so their other kids could hold the baby before burial.

Sorry folks, but all sentimentality aside, that's beyond creepy. And some folks would want this man as our president?

This is just so whacked that it begs a few other questions. First, what state, hospital, of other institution allows people to just bundle up their dead and cart 'em home for any reason at all? Maybe that's legal somewhere? Really?

Second, what kind of parent would take a dead baby home for the other kids to see and hold? That's just not normal. But more importantly, THAT'S JUST NOT NORMAL. In fact it's, it's, it's not something that I can even describe. And some folks would want this man as our president?

Rick Santorum's faith has always been at the forefront of his politics, but I believe this story just glosses over some kind of line in the sand about people being weird. And doing weird things.

Most of us have heard about his politics and the fact that he seems not to believe that citizens have any rights to privacy. His so-called social conservative beliefs about religion, gay rights, abortion, and such are well known.

But I'm tired of these politicians shoving their religious views in my face and using religion to justify their own insecurities over social CAUSES rather than forgetting about their religion and focusing on real ISSUES. Issues like war, economy, border protection, taxes, government spending, energy policy, education, and such. I don't want a religious fanatic being the puppet leader of our country. Any fool can see how well theocracies function. (Re: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and on and on…)

But back to the point of this rant. That dead baby thing should be enough to disqualify, in the minds of reasonable, thinking people, this man from holding any public office.

Sorry, GOP, but your party is one hell of a clown party. It almost makes the Neo-Marxist Democrats look reasonable. Almost.

I'd say the GOP is absolutely ready for Santorum.

And all of the GOP candidates and their supporters are ready for the sanitarium.

Rick Baker
June 6, 2011
Rochester, NY

© 2011 R. Burnett Baker
Photo from video game "Sanitarium"