Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Talking Start Shooting, Dammit

The New York Times today has reported that a presumed shopkeeper from Quetta, Pakistan posed as a Taliban leader, and took part in "secret" peace talks with the Afghan government.

As reported, an unidentified Western diplomat in Kabul said "...we gave him a lot of money."

If true that an impostor conned these Afghan and US government officials out of a lot of money, then I say "more power to him!"

If I remember correctly, after 9/11 we sent troops to Afghanistan to OVERTHROW the Taliban. Correct me if I'm wrong. Why, then are the Afghan and US governments holding "peace" talks with these inbred mental degenerates? Someone explain that to me and try to keep a serious face when doing so.

If we need to carry out negotiations with the Taliban, then bring our troops home and let Afghanistan go to hell with their sick, twisted terrorists and peace talks. I rather think that we'd be better served if we took over Pakistan (which in and of itself is a complete basket case), killed every terrorist that came into view there, and sealed the Afghan/Pakistani border. After all, Pakistan has the bomb. Let's not forget that unsettling little fact.

Just google "Taliban images" or "Taliban beheading images" and then decide if we should be holding "peace" talks.

I say stop talking and start shooting, dammit, or bring our men and women in uniform home now!

Rick Baker
Rochester, NY
November 23, 2010

© 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
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